About Darkwood Nights

Game Description:
Darkwood Nights is a combat World of Darkness LARP. We focus on high quality immersive roleplaying, costuming and décor to bring our medieval village to life. Prowl the night as a blood thirsty Vampire, seek esoteric secrets while slowly losing your humanity in exchange for power as a Mage, rally for Court and Kith as a Fae while the world slowly forgets the oaths it swore so long ago, or survive as a Human either ignorant of the true supernatural creatures around you or in service to them; yet determined to survive them non the less. All of these groups and more gather in the darkness of the Schwarzwald, and where so many different creatures gather conflict is sure to follow.

Setting: The Province of Wollbach during the 10th Century

The Province of Wollbach is located in the South Western corner of the Schwarzwald and is a central gathering area for a number of outlying settlements and homesteads.  The villages surrounding the town of Wollbach are Egerten, Egisholz, Hammerstein, and Nebenau. 

Traveling to and from Wollbach is difficult. The maps, if they even show the area states it should only take maybe four days to travel to the nearest city. However, strangely enough it never seems to work that way and takes at least twice as long. Everyone always gets lost or turns down the wrong trail. Many just simply go missing, including the locals. Travel outside the province of Wollbach is long, risky and frowned upon by the residents.

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