Help Us Grow

We are so grateful for your donations to support Darkwood Nights! Donations will be used to acquire new props, costuming and equipment for ST Camp, fund any site rental shortages as other game expenses. You may also donate clothing, props and other items. email us to see what is on the list!

Kismet Purchase List

For every $25 donated you will be gifted with 5 kismet.  If you donate after the Thursday before a game your kismet will be applied after that event.  Check out the All About Kismet page for more information about other ways to be awarded Kismet.

1   Subject to ST approval

Relics are not guaranteed or intended to be given to spender.

The player acts as a Guest ST and must play a NPC associated with their plot line. 

*During checkout the payment platform Zeffy will ask if you wish to support them. This is completely optional and may enter $0.

Darkwood Nights is a WyldFae Productions program. As a 501c3 Non-Profit all your donations are tax deductible.