Creating Your Character

The Character Management App is your one stop shop for most all of your Darkwood Nights needs. It is used to build characters, submit them for logistics approval, referencing the specific powers and abilities for each character and it will create a printable character sheet. Within the app you will also submit learnings, track oaths, reprint lost oath cards, and more. 

In addition to character management, the app also features event registration, the ability to easily track your XP and Kismet, accept NPC castings, agree to NPC shifts, and even digitally sign paperwork. 

Character Management App

Important: You must create your initial account via the browser link before attempting to use the IOS or Android App.  For both mobile apps your server address is: 

Creating Your Character

How to Create / Submit a Character: 

*Note: XP and Kismet are not required to draft characters. There is no limit to the number of new (draft) characters a player can have. But in order to submit a character, you must have at least as much XP and Kismet as it will cost to create that character and is a requirement to have them approved. Once approved the XP and Kismet (if any) used for the build will be spent. 

Odoo Bug Report - This app is still in development, if you encounter a problem or need to report a bug please let us know in the Discord Server