Infraction Policy

Darkwood Nights is a program under WyldFae Productions and staffed by volunteers with the heads of each team reporting to the Program Manager of the game. Darkwood Nights will enforce rules and policies in the game space, our official Facebook page, Discord account, and at official non-game events but will not investigate crimes. The local police or most appropriate law enforcement agency will be contacted to report suspected criminal activity. 

Investigative Team

This team is composed of the following staff: Program Manager, Head of Rules and Head of Logistics. If a team member is the accused player or in a domestic or romantic relationship with the accused player, they will recuse themselves from all activities involving the investigation and a replacement from Darkwood Nights staff will be assigned. 


Before or after an Event

During an Event

Process Summary

When a complaint is received, a member of the investigative team will perform an Initial Investigation to determine if the complaint requires a Formal Investigation. They will interview all parties involved to determine what has happened and if the issue may be resolved through mediation. If both players agree to a resolution and / or mediation during this phase, the issue will be documented in the permanent record but no further actions will be taken.

If the Initial Investigation fails to resolve the complaint or if it is likely consequences should be levied it moves to a Formal Investigation. The Investigator will create a report on all evidence around the complaint, and may interview / re-interview the reporting player, the accused, any witnesses as well as any evidence presented. Once this is complete a report will be presented to the Investigation Team who will vote on the outcome based on the evidence gathered. The results of all Formal Investigations will be posted on the Darkwood Nights Discord. 

A complaint levied against a player who has had similar accusations within the last 24 months proceeds directly to phase II and is not eligible for phase I. Members of the investigative team reserve the right at any time to bypass conflict resolution and proceed directly to phase II.

Dropping the Complaint: At any time the reporting player may drop the complaint. Doing so ends any investigation immediately. If the Investigation Team believes the complaint is serious enough that could warrant consequences they may continue the investigation. In this case the reporting player is removed from public records.

Phase I : Initial Investigation

As quickly as possible a member of the investigative team will be assigned; they will:

Phase II: Formal Investigation

If the complaint moves to Formal Investigation the team member who performed the initial investigation will be assigned as the Lead Investigator. They will review all evidence available and reserve the right to re-interview the accused player, the reporting player, collect new evidence and interview new witnesses. If the initial investigator is unable to serve in this capacity the Program Manager will appoint a new investigator.

The investigation must be completed within four (4) weeks of the complaint submission. If the investigator requires more time to complete the investigation, they will present what they have by the four (4) week mark to the investigative team and explain the need for more time. When the investigator has completed their report they will submit the findings and the consequence recommendation (if any) to the Investigative Team for a vote. The vote will have one of two outcomes.

Once a decision is reached the accused player will be notified of the findings via email and given two (2) weeks to appeal the decision (if necessary) with any additional information.

If the accused player appeals, the Program Manager will review the appeal and within one (1) week of submission present it to the Investigative Team for a vote to determine whether the new information changes the prior vote on the infraction.


If it is determined the accused violated our rules or policies the Investigative Team will determine the consequences. The list below is in order of severity although at the Investigative Team’s discretion, consequences may be levied outside of this order.


Minor Loss of Privileges:

Major Loss of Privileges:

Player Ban:

Public Disclosure

All complaints that went through Formal Investigation will have the results posted. After the investigation has been completed, including resolving any appeals, the Program Manager will make a public post on Discord that briefly explains the following:



The public post will be made after the appeal period has elapsed, but may be earlier if the player declines to appeal. The post will remain public and the Investigative Team will respond to questions from the community for a reasonable period of time before locking the thread. 


Darkwood Nights will maintain a log of all complaints, infractions and consequences to track player behavior over the lifetime of the game.